Seminar Mikrobiologie – Biotechnologie / imP-Kolloquium



14:30 - 16:00 Uhr

Prof. Wolfgang Streit

Universität Hamburg

Global plastics pollution: How do we find the best plastic eating bacteria?


Global economies depend on the use of fossil-based polymers and 360-400 metric million tons of synthetic polymers are produced per year. Unfortunately, an estimated 60% of the global production is disposed into environment. Within this framework, microbiologist have tried to identify plastic-active enzymes over the past decade. Within my presentation I will give insight into the main strategies used to identify plastic active bacteria and the challenges related to the search.  

Feel invited to join the talk either on-site (BZ I, 00-187) or online through the MS-Teams link.



Seminar Mikrobiologie - Biotechnologie

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